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Unlock your link potential

Change the way users interact with your links by turning them into valuable marketing assets. With Hypepages, create a page that shows up between your user clicking your link and their link destination—great for promoting whatever is most important to you.

Go ahead, promote anything

Choose your focus—from creating new revenue streams to connecting with your visitors.

Increase subscriptions

Monetize your content and grow your fan base by promoting any paid subscription accounts you have, like Patreon, YouTube or DeviantArt.

Sell more

Turn your visitors into customers by bringing them sales, discounts, special offers and more—right when they are the most engaged.

Build your community

Start creating a relationship with your visitors by collecting their email addresses or phone numbers to keep in touch with newsletters, limited time offers and more.

Drive traffic

Boost views and get more followers on your social media accounts and any other pages you like, by sending link visitors to the channels you want to focus on.

Promote anything

Use Hypepages to promote what's most important to you—from a YouTube video to your site store with a customized ‘before you move on' page.

Mockup of a cell phone screen showing all the Hypepages actions and examples of their content.
1. Increase subscriptions
2. Sell more
3. Build your community
4. Drive traffic
5. Promote anything

How it works


Sign up for free 😎

Answer a few questions to help us get to know you as a creator. Next, sign up using your email address and choose a subdomain to give your page some credibility.


Customize your page 🎨

Select the actions you’d like to focus on—and yes, you can add a few. Then customize your content, design and color themes to make it your own.


Start sharing 📣

From your one Hypepages account, you can create as many links as you’d like and put them anywhere you want to promote, like your social media channels or your website.


Get some insights 💡

Once your links are live, you can always go back and edit them or even add more. Plus, from your dashboard you can see your link analytics to get insights on how they're performing.

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What is Hypepages?

It’s an easy-to-use tool that turns your links into valuable marketing assets. This tool gives you a whole new way to promote to your visitors, and lead them exactly where you’d like. You’ll be able to gain more paid subscriptions, increase sales, show off your social accounts, gather visitor info and so much more.

How does Hypepages work?

With Hypepages, you’ll create a customized promotional page that will show up between your user clicking your link and arriving at their link destination. On this page, you’ll be able to promote any offerings you choose. You can place links to your Hypepages anywhere you like, could be in your YouTube description, your Instagram page, link in bio or anywhere else.

Is Hypepages free?

Yes, it's completely free to create a Hypepages account.

Where can I use my Hypepages link?

You can use these links anywhere you choose, whether it's social media, your website or anywhere else. Offer promotions or messaging to viewers by putting the link in your YouTube description, Instagram bio or story, TikTok or any other social platforms.

Can I choose when my page is active?

Yes, you can decide when to turn on and off your links from your dashboard. When you turn the link off, your users will still be able to reach the final link destination but your page will not show up.

Can I access my link’s analytics?

Yes, you can easily see the number of clicks per link, interactions with your page and the number of users that reached the link destination. You can also see the phone numbers and email addresses collected from visitors, plus specific metrics for each action like the number of contacts you’ve collected.

Who can use Hypepages?

Any creator who wants to increase their revenue or expand their customer base. It doesn't matter what kind of creator you are—musician, video creator, blogger, YouTuber, writer or anything else under the sun—Hypepages is the perfect tool for you.

Do I need a Wix account to use Hypepages?

Hypepages is powered by Wix, but you won't be required to set up a website, you’ll just get an account with access to all the great features offered by Hypepages.

Let your links work for you.

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